Friday, April 20, 2007

Using JConsole

I updated my eclipse to version 3.2.2, lucky me did not remove the previous version just yet, and run into a crashing system that seems to run out of memory. So I decided to connect jconsole to eclipse to view its memory consumption.
To do so I needed to start eclipse using JDK 5, with the system property
Now JConsole is able to connect to the eclipse process and show its memory consumption.

After playing a while with eclipse the OOM exception hapened again, but saidly JConsole has lost its connection, so nothing to see what/.where had happened.

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Albert said...

How did you get this to work? After starting eclipse with that property, what info do you put into JConsole to get it to connect?

Albert said...


SpiderMars said...

Albert: Thanks for your reply. Using the system property enables the local JMX agent for the process.
See for more details and