Monday, July 16, 2007

Using Alfresco's WCM

Alfresco is supplying a nicely looking evaluation guide for using their Web Content Management package.
After briefly giving an overview of the Web Content Management Package, a scenario can be followed along while reading.
The scenario describes using Alfresco WCM with a couple of different users, each having a different role in the system.

I followed this scenario from creating new users and assigning roles to them, creating a new web project, creating new web forms for the project, etc. until I came to the point of creating new web content. When trying expand the list of web forms next to my sandbox, I stumbled into a NullPointerException:

So a good citizen of the open source world, I immediately went to Alfresco's issue tracker and found a report about this issue (WCM-486).

Sadly this prevents me from finishing the scenario, So today I will see if the issue report can help me fix this on my system.


James McGovern said...

Did you notice that the evaluation guide doesn't tell you how to enable SSO, encryption or other important security considerations?

SpiderMars said...

No I didn't get that far. Although that information can be found on alfresco's wiki (

Anonymous said...

hey spidermars,

you are doing a good job here. nice to read your blog entries as i am struggling with alfresco ECM, too. :-)