Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Problems exporting content

The export process seemed to work fine, until I took a close look at the actual exported XML.

It appears that the actual content is stored in a binary format, which prevents adjustments within the actual HTML itself, like references to content stored in the same repository.

To try to circumvent this, I changed the cm:content property of the cm:content type, as defined in alfresco's contentModel.xml, to d:text instead of d:content, but this gave the following error:

11:11:58,926 ERROR [Utils] A system error happened during the operation: The node property must be of type content:
  node: workspace://SpacesStore/221a7c69-1e45-11dc-a1bf-4985acca4591
  property name: {http://www.alfresco.org/model/content/1.0}content
  property type: {http://www.alfresco.org/model/dictionary/1.0}text

So its time to create our own model for alfresco.

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