Thursday, January 17, 2008

Netbeans 6.0 Keyboard shortcuts

I am trying to switch from eclipse to Netbeans when doing some Java coding.
The biggest problem that came up is the keyboard shortcuts, obviously they all differ, so I miss the ones I learned to love and use a lot in eclipse, like pressing Ctrl-1, in eclipse this opens an assistant that helps you resolve compilation problems.

I found a link that at least shows some of the shortcuts, and one that describes where to find a keyboard shortcut list in the netbeans installation. The shortcuts.pdf file also contains a link to a wiki page that describes the keyboard shortcuts specification.

From the wiki page I learned that the shortcut I so desperately need is Alt + Enter, as explained in the 'Coding in Java' section under 'Show suggestion/Tip/Hint'.


amudhan said...

You can edit the shortcuts (of course it will take considerable amount of time, but it is a one time activity) and use it as it conforms your eclipse mind-set.

SpiderMars said...

Thanks for your remark Amudhan.
I don't mind learning new shortcuts, but it seemed hard to find the ones that I am really looking for. Finding the overview gave that quite a boost.
Which meant, at least for me, that I am not going to toss away my Netbeans, but start using it more and more.