Monday, January 21, 2008

Using stereotypes to describe J2EE components

For the SCEA assignment the architecture needs to be documented using UML.
Most architectures will have J2EE components like EJB's or servlets.
When these are documented you can opt to fully document each EJB, meaning adding all interfaces as separate elements on a class diagram, and incorporating the complete message flow in sequence diagrams containing all standard EJB message calls, like ejbCreate, etc.
I think that documenting the design and architecture in such a way will clutter the diagrams too much, thereby making the design/architecture harder to read.

Simplifying the diagrams by adding stereotypes to these elements, like <ejb> makes reading the the design/architecture easier and keeps the focus on the essential parts.

Sun has documented some annotations they use in their pattern catalog.

In addition to these stereotypes I will add Stateless/Stateful to designate the different session beans when needed, and maybe come up with some additional stereotypes when necessary.

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