Wednesday, January 02, 2008


On December 14th I passed for the first part of the Sun Certified Enterprise Architect exam (SCEA), with a score of 93%.
Immediately after this multiple choice exam I registered for its follow-up: the assignment.
The assignment consists of some requirements, a business domain model and use cases for a flight booking system for the airliner Fly By Night. Due to the non diclosure agreement I have signed when registering for the assignment, I cannot write about the assignment and my solution in much detail, but I will try to keep a record of my doings here on the blog from now on.

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skm said...

Hi, I found this entry via a few clicks away from a google search on an easymock question I had. I dug around in your blog when I saw some entry where you mention making sequence diagrams for preparing itineraries.

I did a double take wondering if you work for an online travel company, I do.

But judging from this entry, you are thinking about itineraries due to the certification exam.

best wishes